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Reagan + Dustin | Fall Engagement


Every couple has their own special story of how they met. Usually they tell it with an argument over a detail or two. Then inevitably one person will light up while they talk about their first encounter.

Years ago if the story included words like “page” or “feed” it meant actual pages and the food of some kind of farm animal. Now that social media is in the picture, those words take on a whole new connotation.

Dustin and Reagan have Twitter to thank for their story. One day Reagan posted a picture of a truck filled with pillows, blankets and board games and said a night like this would be her dream date. Dustin replied to it, and now here they are getting engagement photos.

Who knows if their children and grandchildren will know what “Twitter” means, by then it could be something different. All we know, is that a simple tweet brought two lives together who may have never met without it. And I think that’s… #sosweet




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